Bitzi the mini monkey free pattern

Product Information

I love animals. I’ve always wanted to travel to Africa to see all the wild animals. One of my very favorite animals is monkeys! Monkeys are very clever animals and they also love to play jokes. Now you can have a monkey best friend! With your monkey you can spend your days swinging through the trees, having fun and monkeying around!


Do you know how to make a monkey face? First you puff out your cheeks and then you pull out your ears. Your monkey friend can teach you all its secrets. It will show you the best places to climb trees and where to find the tastiest bananas. I hope you will permit me one more pun, you’ll go bananas for your monkey pal!


Start swinging with coolest apes in town, click the link below!

Lovely smiling mini-monkey amigurumi!
Provided by Alisha.
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